Antibiotic Amnesty Campaign 2024

The veterinary profession is coming together again this November to hold an Antibiotic Amnesty. The aim is to encourage clients to return any unused or out of date antibiotics. This will allow correct and safe disposal of the antibiotic medications, which will avoid contamination of the environment and help prevent antimicrobial resistance due to inappropriate disposal.

What is the issue?

Antibiotics are essential to treat many conditions in both humans and animals. But they must be used carefully, to ensure they are effective when patients really need them.

If not used responsibly, antibiotics lead to dangerous side effects, delay an accurate diagnosis, and contribute to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Inappropriate disposal of unused antibiotics also damages the environment, impacting water quality and wildlife.

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest global health issues of our time. We must act, together.

What can you do in your vet practice?

  • Talk about the Antibiotic Amnesty with your practice team and share the information in the resources available below.
  • Have conversations with clients about antimicrobial resistance and the risks of not using antimicrobials responsibly and encourage the return of any unused antibiotics.
  • Contact owners who have had antibiotics dispensed in recent months to tell them about the amnesty and prompt them to return any unused antibiotics – especially if they are due in again soon.
  • Display the poster/s below in your waiting room.
  • Share the resources below on your practice social media channels and website.
  • Add stickers to packets of tablets or prescription bags.
  • Modify vaccination booster reminders to include a mention of this initiative.
  • Include details of the amnesty in client newsletters during November.

After the Antibiotic Amnesty

  • Record the number of conversations had with clients about returning antibiotics – not only the number but also any useful feedback.
  • Record the number of antibiotics returned to your practice during November.
  • Feedback this number to the Amnesty partners – link will be added during the campaign

Please use this hashtag for the campaign activity across your social channels


Campaign Toolkit and Resources for practices

Posters for vet teams

Amnesty Poster – Equine

Amnesty Poster – Small Animal



Social Media Graphics & Videos

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'We're Taking Part' mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - Get Prepared 1

Antibiotic Amnesty - Get Prepared 2

Antibiotic Amnesty 2023 mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'We're Taking Part' 2 mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'Download Your Toolkit' mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'Download Your Toolkit' 2 mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - Equine 1 mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - Equine 2

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'We're Taking Part' 2 mp4.

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'We're Taking Part' Image

Antibiotic Amnesty - 'We're Taking Part' 2 Image

Summary documents for vet teams

Guidance for Practices FINAL

Short Guidance for practices

Summary document to give to clients

Amnesty client information sheet

Article for practice newsletters

Antibiotic amnesty copy for practice newsletters and social media

Antibiotic amnesty animations

Antibiotic Amnesty

Antibiotic Amnesty - Equine

Antibiotic amnesty video

A One Health Approach for tackling AMR

Our colleagues in human healthcare are also involved in the Antibiotic Amnesty. Pharmacies across the UK are being encouraged to take part.

Could YOU reach out to make sure that this is a One Health campaign involving human and animal health?

For more information visit: Antibiotic Amnesty (