Our Areas of Work

How We Work

RUMA CA&E is committed to leading the way in the responsible use of medicines in the Companion Animal and Equine sectors, through evidence-based and measurable activities that will improve the stewardship of medicines and optimise animal health and welfare, as well as related human and environmental health.

To achieve this we will drive collaboration and work with key groups wherever possible. Some examples are listed below

RUMA Collaboration and Committees

It will be important to have cross organisation representation within the structures to ensure that each organisation has visibility of plans, is able to identify synergies, common messaging and identify where there may be issues at an early stage. We have teamed up with key influencers within the profession such as RCVS, RCVS Knowledge, BVA, BSAVA, SAVSNET, VetCompass, major employers’ groups and major charities.

Independent Scientific Group

RUMA’s advice and position statements are based on the latest science. The Independent Scientific Group which was developed by our Alliance sibling, The Responsible use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) provides impartial scientific advice to the RUMA board and office holders on all aspects of responsible use of medicines, particularly in relation to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antibiotic use in animals. It is envisaged that this group could also feed into the RUMA CA&E Alliance data and insight to inform our activities, decisions and approach.