IVC Evidensia & RUMA CA&E announce partnership for London Vet Show 2023

As part of this year’s London Vet Show, RUMA CA&E and IVC Evidensia have announced a new partnership to greater support the profession in educating clients of the dangers of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Together with RUMA CA&E, the leading veterinary group have produced a free Social Media Toolkit for any UK veterinary professional to use, which contains both visual assets and captions. The toolkit can be found here: Antimicrobial Resistance | Free AMR Resources (

It will give veterinary professionals extra support in educating clients on social channels about AMR and the safe disposal of antibiotics and will also extend support offered beyond the usual Antibiotic Amnesty month of November.

The assets will be launched at London Vet Show and will be accessible via QR codes printed on fridge magnets, which will be distributed by the IVC Evidensia team as part of the two-day event.

This will be from their dedicated stand R70, which surrounds the IVC Evidensia lecture theatre which, as before, has a packed schedule of speakers for delegates to enjoy.

John Dinsdale, Country Medical Director for IVC Evidensia, commented on the new partnership:

“Our network allows us to communicate effectively with our own practices and give them the most up-to-date information to help keep clients in the know.

“We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with RUMA CA&E and support a campaign that informs and educates pet owners over the dangers of AMR.

“To that end, I hope that this new partnership will create more positive conversations around AMR and give practices the tools they need to talk about it confidently and clearly.”

Responsible use of medicines for the future

Responsible prescribing and supporting the responsible disposal of medicines used in veterinary treatment is a key role for the veterinary profession, and with AMR being such a threat to the effectiveness of medicines worldwide, we all need to play our part.

RUMA CA&E Secretary General, Steve Howard, says: “It has been fantastic to Partner with IVC Evidensia on this AMR project, which is a great opportunity to engage with practices and help provide useful tools that can be used to educate and inform clients about AMR. This initiative perfectly aligns with our role and remit of encouraging innovative and proactive efforts to improve the responsible use of medicines, and responsible disposal, whilst optimising and protecting animal health and welfare, as well as human and environmental health and welfare.  

“This toolkit, developed in partnership with IVC Evidensia, contains the resources to enable all members of the veterinary team to raise client awareness about antibiotic stewardship in general and contribute positively to the fight against AMR. 

“The more support the profession can offer to clients and our vet colleagues on the subject of AMR, the more we can turn the tide and ensure we can, as a profession, protect the efficacy of antibiotics long into the future for the benefit of human and animal health and welfare.”

The new Social Media Toolkit is available to download here: Antimicrobial Resistance | Free AMR Resources (