RUMA CA&E pleased to see The Veterinary Medicines Regulations come into force

The Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMRs) have come into force today – Friday 17th May.

RUMA CA&E Secretary General, Steve Howard, says: “RUMA CA&E welcomes the updated legislation which will bring many benefits to the regulatory environment for veterinary medicines.

“Across the companion animal and equine sectors, there is a great deal of work underway to address AMR. The new legislation, coupled with the recent release of the National Action Plan on antimicrobial resistance, highlights the UK’s ongoing commitment to protect people and animals from the risk of drug-resistant infections.

“AMR is an issue that is taken very seriously right across the veterinary profession, and the new legislation helps drive forward a number of important changes designed to strengthen processes and protect the efficacy of antimicrobials long into the future.”

The regulation is supported by accompanying guidance notes aimed at providing more detail for practitioners on the implementation of the new rules. VMD will update its guidance documents on the website to reflect the new Regulations. Useful links: