RUMA CA&E response to the release of the latest National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance

The government has recently announced its new national action plan on antimicrobial resistance to protect people and animals from the risk of drug-resistant infections. RUMA CA&E Secretary General, Steve Howard, says: “RUMA Companion Animal and Equine welcomes the launch of the second five-year National Action Plan which further drives UK efforts and shows government commitment to tackle AMR from a One Health perspective. 

“The plan also recognises the need to build on the work that has already started to promote antimicrobial stewardship and hence reduce AMR in companion animals, specifically pets and equines, which further reinforces the importance of the work RUMA CA&E and others across the CA&E sectors are already doing. Since the inception of RUMA CA&E back in 2020 there has already been great progress, but there is much more to be done and we remain committed to ongoing collaboration and driving forward positive change to help protect the efficacy of antibiotics for both humans and animals long into the future. Initiatives such as the Veterinary Antibiotic Amnesty which RUMA CA&E delivers, is just one example of the many positive initiatives underway that aim to make a positive difference by bringing the profession together and educating owners on AMR.”